For a certain class of worker, any one proof of income with (✓) may be submitted.

Class of Worker ITR BIR Form 1701 OFW Employment Contract Certificate of BIR Exemption Certificate of Indigency Certificate of Employment with Compensation Proof of Pension

Works for Private Household

Ex. On-Call Construction Worker, Labandera, Kasambahay


Works for Religious Organizations

Ex. Pastor


Works for Private Establishment

Ex. Call Center Agent


Works for Government

Ex. Baranggay Official


Self-Employed without any employees

Ex. Tricycle Driver, Farmer, Ambulant Vendor, Sari-Sari Store Owner, Dressmaker


Self-Employed/ Professionals

Ex. Doctor, Lawyer


Employer in Family-Owned Business

Ex. Business Owner (Registered Business Operator)


Works with Pay in Family Operated Business

Ex. Bookkeeper in Family Operated Business

Retired with Pension            
If both parents are unemployed          ✓