2 Class of Worker/Proof of Income  

For a certain class of worker, any one proof of income with (✓) may be submitted.

Class of Worker ITR BIR Form 1701 OFW Employment Contract BIR Exemption Indigency Cert. of Employment with Compensation Proof of Pension
Works for Private Household
Ex. On-Call Construction Worker, Labandera, Kasambahay
Works for Religious Organizations
Ex. Pastor
Works for Private Establishment
Ex. Call Center Agent
Works for Government
Ex. Baranggay Official
Self-Employed without any employees
Ex. Tricycle Driver, Farmer, Ambulant Vendor, Sari-Sari Store Owner, Dressmaker
Self-Employed/ Professionals
Ex. Doctor, Lawyer
Employer in Family-Owned Business
Ex. Business Owner (Registered Business Operator)
Works with Pay in Family Operated Business
Ex. Bookkeeper in Family Operated Business
Retired with Pension            
If both parents are unemployed         ✓