Migration of Science and Technology Human Resources: Temporary and Permanent Migrants Volume 4

The PATRIOT Magazine - 2022 Issue # 1

Finding North in STEM A Career GuideBook for Students

The Use of ICT in Teaching Science and Mathematics in Selected S&T-Oriented High Schools in the Philippines: A Survey Report

Most Significant Change Stories of Beneficiaries of SEI-DOST Programs and Projects: A Qualitative Evaluation Study

Ripples Transformation beyond Science

Perception of STEM Among Filipino Grade3 to Grade6 Students

The TRACER Study (Undergraduate) Fact Sheet No.4

Women in Science: Fact Sheet No. 4

S&T HRD Stat Updates - Supply of Potential S&T Human Resources: S&T College Enrollees, Graduates, Registered S&T Professionals, and DOST-SEI Scholar-Graduates (Fact Sheet No. 3)

TRACER Study Fact Sheet No. 5 - DOST-SEI S&T Scholar Graduates (Undergraduate Level)

The Patriot: DOST-SEI Patriot Scholars Magazine October 2020

The Future S&T Human Resource Requirements in the Philippines: A Labor Market Analysis

TRACER Study Factsheet No.3 - On DOST-SEI S&T Scholar Graduates

DOST-SEI Career Incentive Program (CIP): An Evaluation Report

The TRACER Study Report: DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholar-Graduates(Batch 2018 and 2019)

Exit Survey: DOST-SEI S&T Scholarship Program Undergraduate Scholar-Graduates(October 2014-June 2015)

S&T Scholars and HRST Data Disaggregated by Sex, Philippines

Tracking of Actual Career Experience Report (TRACER) Study among DOST-SEI S&T Scholar Graduates (Undergraduate Level)

Fact Sheet: Supply of Potential S&T Human Resources

S&T Scholarship Program: Graduating Undergraduate Scholars 2018 Exit Survey

S&T Human Resource Development Plan 2017-2022

Migration of Science & Technology Human Resources: Temporary & Permanent Migrants Volume 3

Fact Sheet: Tracer Study on DOST-SEI S&T Scholar Graduates

Human Resources in Science and Technology (HRST) in the Philippines

International Migration of Science and Technology (S&T) Manpower-OFWs

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Science Framework for Philippines Basic Education

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A Survey of Secondary Schools

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