The Department of Science and Technology on Friday gave recognition to 257 elementary and high school students who won in various international science and mathematics competitions. 

The students received the Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Award, a medal of distinction given by the DOST, which signifies its high regard for excellence and competitiveness through the distinguished achievements of young Filipinos in international science and mathematics competitions. 

DOST-Science Education Institute Director Dr. Filma G. Brawner expressed praises to the roster of winners as they brought honor and inspiration to the Philippines. 

“Competing with different nations is not an easy task, contestants go to unfamiliar locations, dwell with diverse culture, and must pass through extensive sets of challenges. Plus, nowadays, the fast rise in the advancement of technology can add up as distractions to their studies. But our students before us show that it can be done, that a student can still top in his or her studies despite all these distractions and adversities,” she said. 

Most of the YES Awardees came from the National Capital Region, 155 of them, from 41 schools. 

Saint Jude Catholic School has the most number of students winning in international science and mathematics competitions with 26 YES awardees, followed by the Philippine Science High School – Main Campus with 19 YES awardees. 

Brawner said the DOST gives recognition to students who win in international science and mathematics competition to further motivate the youth to strive for excellence and develop a culture of science among the citizenry. 

“The main and very important reason why the DOST and SEI continue to support each and every program that would help you attain your dreams and aspirations is to create for our country a critical mass of future scientists and engineers who will help shape the future of the country. With our annual science scholarship exam for the undergraduate level and our accelerated science and technology human resource development and engineering research and development for technology programs for the graduate level, we make sure that all areas are covered in your pursuit to become scientist and engineers for the country,” she added. 

DOST Undersecretary Prof. Fortunato T. dela Peña challenged the students to fully utilize their excellence in science and mathematics by venturing into careers in science in the future. 

“No matter how good one is, the value of excellence one should be used to uplift the lives of the Filipino people. Our country needs lots of improvement and we are optimistic that our students, when they take the helm of research and development of our country, will accelerate the speed of development we are working on right now,” he said. 

Dela Peña urged the YES awardees to carry on the drive they have acquired during their preparations for the science and mathematics competitions they join and use it to pursue their dreams in the future. 

“I wish everyone of you to continue to have the drive and passion to excel and go on to more even greater personal achievements in the future. I hope that you further develop your talents in science and mathematics by getting into science and technology courses and in the future, become part of the country’s pool of scientists and engineers,” he said. (30)