The Science Education Institute (SEI), the science and technology human resources development agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), will mark its 25th anniversary this year with a culminating celebration in September aimed at showcasing the Institute's milestone achievements and future directions in its commitment to advance the state of science education in the country. 

With the theme "Enabling the Next Generation through Innovations in Science Education", SEI lined up several activities to celebrate the innovations in science education that the agency has implemented from 1987 to 2012. The activities aim to inspire the Filipino people to continue working on enabling the youth to value S&T as a way of life, and for policy-makers and science educators to push for S&T education reforms and innovations. 

"SEI has been at the forefront of delivering services-whether promotions, research, scholarships, exhibits, and others--that directly aids in the improvement of science and technology education and consequently in the economic development of the country. Hence, we intend to feature our attainments and our plans to make people aware and appreciative of the role we play," SEI Director Dr. Filma G. Brawner said. 

The Silver Anniversary celebration shall feature a string of activities such as exhibits, recognitions, promotions, and commemoration programs, the culmination of which will be conducted on September 19. Two major awards shall be given out to recognize support to the Institute's mission: the Silver Employees award which will be given to SEI employees who have faithfully served the Institute over the last 25 years, and the Silver Links award which shall acknowledge the untiring support of consistent partner-agencies in all the SEI's programs. A coffee table book will also be revealed during the SEI 25th Anniversary Celebration that will feature 25 outstanding science scholars of the Institute for each of the past 25 years. 

Brawner said the awards signify the Institute's gratitude to all entities that played key roles not just in making the programs possible but most importantly in increasing the impact of such programs through various means of support. 

"This is in a way a payback to those who supported our goal and through this, we hope that they will be with us the rest of the way," Brawner said. The SEI shall also hold activities such as the DOST Scholars' Day which intends to promote S&T careers among high school students through a forum and the Exhibit on Scholars 25 which shall showcase the S&T human resources development program by featuring selected scholars from 1987-2012. To promote the 25th Anniversary of SEI in social media, the agency will give a cash prize to the 2,500th and 25,000th to "like" the Facebook page of the agency at the time of the Anniversary. The SEI website, its Facebook page and the Facebook pages of its activities will also be given a silver outlook in consonance with the celebration. (30)