Mandates (per EO 128) 

• Undertake science education and training; 
• Administer scholarships, awards and grants; 
• Undertake science and technology manpower development; and 
• Formulate plans and establish programs and projects for the promotion and development of science and technology education and training in coordination with DepEd, CHED and other institutions of learning. 


SEI shall have developed the Philippines’ human resource capacity in science and technology required to produce demand-driven outputs that meet global standards. 


To accelerate the development of S&T human resources of the country by administering undergraduate and graduate scholarships and advanced specialized trainings; promote S&T culture and develop innovative science education innovative programs. 

Program Thrusts 

The SEI shall continue to strengthen its capability to develop a critical mass of highly-trained S&T human resource by focusing on the following program thrusts:
1. Expand implementation of S&T undergraduate and graduate programs to achieve varied levels of S&T Innovation sophistication;
2. Pursue more vigorously promotion of S&T culture to stimulate interest and prepare adequate numbers of young people to pursue careers in S&T Innovation;
3. Develop and implement innovation approaches towards improving the delivery of science education; and
4. Pursue research activities and develop external linkages in S&T human resource development and science education as part of overall strategy for national policy development, local and external benchmarking and capacity building.

Strategic Goals

1. Accelerate the development of S&T human resource in the country by administering undergraduate and graduate scholarships and advanced specialized trainings.
2. Implement innovative science education programs.
3. Promote appreciation and interest in science among the citizenry.
4. Formulate policy recommendations toward improving the high-level training of future scientists and engineers.

Organizational Chart